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Krystal is sharing some great pics of herself hunting and with blonde hair. The pics show her having fun, new hair style and new attitude. She is also sharing that she quit American Hoggers over the direction the show was taking. We will miss her for sure.
krystal-with-blonde-wavy-hair-american-hoggers krystal-with-blonde-straight-hair-american-hoggers krystal-the-pistol-no-longer-on-american-hoggers krystal-quit-american-hoggers

Krystal was out hunting in Burlson, TX and two of her dogs ran away. Apparently they ran onto a road where she says a truck swerved, hit and killed the dogs on purpose. She said a third dog was hit but survived. Krystal was on the news about the accident and wants the driver to be found and justice served for hitting the dogs intentionally.
krystal-at-site-where-dogs-were-run-over-2-american-hoggers krystal-wants-justice-for-dogs-being-run-over-american-hoggers krystal-talking-abbout-dogs-being-run-over-american-hoggers krystal-at-site-where-dogs-were-run-over-american-hoggers

10 Jun 2014

Krystal and Lea Working With Tom in Florida

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FLASHBACK: Looking back at when Krystal and Lea were in Florida helping Tom catch gators. They met one of Tom’s guys, Dynamite, and he was to also help the girls learn the ropes on gators. Seems most of their time with Tom was waiting around for him to get work done and not a lot of progress.
lea-ready-to-go-catch-gators-on-american-hoggers lea-meeting-dynamite-hes-part-of-toms-team-american-hoggers -lea-making-fun-of-jerry-in-the-jeep-with-a-hog-american-hoggers krystal-taking-her-business-to-florida-american-hoggers

17 Apr 2014

Krystal and Lea, American Hoggers Flashbacks

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Some great flashbacks to Krystal and Lea taking charge in the hog hunts. They split out on their own and had some great luck as Wild Woman Hoggers. Jerry brought in Katy and it was a pretty good year for everyone. Looking forward to new episodes!
krystal-and-lea-in-charge-on-the-hunt-american-hoggers krystal-not-liking-tom-american-hoggers lea-and-krystal-working-a-ranch-american-hoggers katie-gets-help-on-a-big-hog-american-hoggers katie-helping-load-up-big-hog-american-hoggers

11 Feb 2014

Krystal Has a Colorful Shirt for Every Hunt

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While we are waiting for new American Hoggers episodes to aire, lets take a look back and Krystal and her love of color. She has a country or Texas shirt for any occasion and in all sorts of colors. We do know she makes her own shirts and that is probably what she is wearing and all those colors look great on her.
krystal-in-green-shirt-shooting-rifle-american-hoggers krystal-in-blue-working-the-watermelon-farm-american-hoggers krystal-in-blue-with-long-hair-american-hoggers krystal-and-lea-blue-and-pink-american-hoggers krystal-in-hot-pink-american-hoggers krystal-in-light-blue-american-hoggers krystal-in-light-blue-means-business-american-hoggers krystal-gives-ranch-tour-in-green-american-hoggers

29 Dec 2013

Krystal the Pistol Got Married!

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Krystal got married this month! She shared her wedding pictures with her fans. She looks fantastic in her dress and with her bridesmaids. Good for her!
krystal-getting-married-american-hoggers krystal-getting-married-in-wedding-dress-american-hoggers krystal-and-her-husband-american-hoggers krystal-at-her-wedding-with-robert-american-hoggers krystal-and-her-bridesmaids-american-hoggers

28 Dec 2013

Katie’s Red Dress Christmas Card

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Katie posted her Christmas card online. She is in a red dress look glamorous and posing with her dog.

Katie, Robert and Jerry will be at an event in Tupelo, Mississippi on December 14. They will do a meet and greet, and sign autographs for fans. Times are 11 a.m.-noon and 4 p.m.-5 p.m. in Building 5 at the Flea Market Complex, 1879, North Coley Road in Tupelo.

The cast will speak to the crowd about the show, hunting ferel hogs and sign autographs.
katie-ball-signing-autographs-american-hoggers katie-with-jerry-in-the-jeep-american-hoggers

Jerry approaches Krystal to help him with a job on the farm the Creek Boys are working. He needs the help as Robert has an injury. She doesn’t agree right away during the meeting. As Jerry and Team Campbell are at the site, we see they are ready to go and even outfit the jeep with a “Campbell Claw”, which is a clamp and lift to carry hogs on the front. Finally Krystal and Lea show up as Jerry’s secret weapon to go against the Creek boys in hunting for hogs on this farm.
katie-checking-out-roberts-broken-hand-american-hoggers jerry-asking-krystal-for-help-american-hoggers jerry-got-krystals-gun-back-from-pawn-american-hoggers jerry-has-wench-and-hog-loader-installed-on-jeep-american-hoggers krystal-and-lea-help-team-campbell-against-creek-boys-american-hoggers

Krystal and Lea take Blaze out on a test run, for some exercise and to check if he is up to hunting again. After a bit of running around with the other dogs, they manage to corner a huge hog in a creek. Krystal and Lea get after it and manage to rope and load it as a first catch. Jerry confront Ronnie on his prank as they both meet up to work the same farm. Katie manages to be first on the catch of huge hog herself and has to call Robert for backup as this one is also a big hog and more than one person can handle.
katie-confront-ronnie-creek-american-hoggers lea-taking-blaze-out-for-a-test-run-american-hoggers krystal-taking-blaze-out-for-a-test-run-american-hoggers krystal-and-lea-catch-one-big-hog-with-blaze-american-hoggers katie-calling-for-backup-on-a-big-hog-american-hoggers katie-gets-roberts-help-on-a-big-hog-american-hoggers

American Hoggers is also a show we like, watching Krystal and Lea catch hogs and clean up some farms with some good know-how.

We like Duck Dynasty too, great show and family with some fun, down home advice and values.
We think Kaley Cuoco is totally funny on Big Bang Theory,

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