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Krystal Has Two of Her Dogs Run Over While Hunting

Krystal the Pistol Got Married!

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Krystal the Pistol, from American Hoggers, Got Married!

Blaze Back in Action, Each Team Loading up Big Hogs

Jerry is trusting Katie so much, he gives her a gun as a full member of the Team Campbell Clan. The gun is loaded and ready to go, with the family crest in the handle. Robert thinks it is too early to give her a gun and treat her like family. She does do a [...]

Katie has to stand up to Robert on her first day, as she comes across inexperienced. Robert tells her most people don’t finish this type of work they start. Katies tells him she’s tough and can do the job and that she was raised a hunter. She does end up roping her first hog on [...]

Katie Ball Joins Team Campbell, to Replace Krystal

American Hoggers returns 10/22

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American Hoggers returns 10/22

Krystal and Lea Hunting on a Ranch and Jerry and Robert Show Up

Krystal and Lea meet their first customer as their new business, Wild Women Hoggers. It is just the two of them with a jeep, some new dogs and the spirit to get the job done. Both girls head out for a sow and other hogs. They know the importance of their reputation on the first [...]

Krystal and Lea Want to Get Paid

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Krystal and Lea are both asking questions about where the money is going with Jerry. They see all the new contracts they are getting, Jerry spending money on trinkets, but not paying them or maybe even a bonus? They have both said they would leave Team Campbell if they don’t get paid. They are on [...]

American Hoggers is also a show we like, watching Krystal and Lea catch hogs and clean up some farms with some good know-how.

We like Duck Dynasty too, great show and family with some fun, down home advice and values.
We think Kaley Cuoco is totally funny on Big Bang Theory,

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