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Krystal and Lea, American Hoggers Flashbacks

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Some great flashbacks to Krystal and Lea taking charge in the hog hunts. They split out on their own and had some great luck as Wild Woman Hoggers. Jerry brought in Katy and it was a pretty good year for everyone. Looking forward to new episodes!

Katie’s Red Dress Christmas Card

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Katie posted her Christmas card online. She is in a red dress look glamorous and posing with her dog.

Katie, Robert and Jerry will be at an event in Tupelo, Mississippi on December 14. They will do a meet and greet, and sign autographs for fans. Times are 11 a.m.-noon and 4 p.m.-5 p.m. in Building 5 at the Flea Market Complex, 1879, North Coley Road in Tupelo. The cast will speak to the [...]

Blaze Back in Action, Each Team Loading up Big Hogs

Katie is proving she is a good member of the Campbell team. She is catching hogs and quick on her feet. When Jerry’s jeep won’t start, she hops on the ATV to run and help Robert. She is tough and gets the job done no matter what. She seems here to stay on Team Campbell.

Jerry is trusting Katie so much, he gives her a gun as a full member of the Team Campbell Clan. The gun is loaded and ready to go, with the family crest in the handle. Robert thinks it is too early to give her a gun and treat her like family. She does do a [...]

Katies Catches Her First Hog

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Katies Catches Her First Hog

Katie In Shape and Tough for Team Campbell

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We knew Katie was tough and in shape, but here is the proof. She was a competitor in a fitness competition and she is showing off her hard work.

Katie has to stand up to Robert on her first day, as she comes across inexperienced. Robert tells her most people don’t finish this type of work they start. Katies tells him she’s tough and can do the job and that she was raised a hunter. She does end up roping her first hog on [...]

American Hoggers is also a show we like, watching Krystal and Lea catch hogs and clean up some farms with some good know-how.

We like Duck Dynasty too, great show and family with some fun, down home advice and values.
We think Kaley Cuoco is totally funny on Big Bang Theory,

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