Ms. Kay and Willie go to a farm, and see a bunch of goats with the kids. They end up buying a few and Ms. Kay wants them taken home right away, and all Willie has to haul them is his Escalade. A $70,000 car, which he mentions is not suitable for hauling animals, of which they just about end up trashing the inside on the trip home.
duck-dynasty-goats-in-the-escallade duck-dynasty-goats-in-willies-bathroom duck-dynasty-willie-at-petting-zoo-1

The goats end up being a bit too much to handle, so Ms. Kay needs a pen fast, and Willie watches them for one night, but end up using Jase’s new office for them. He has Mountain man tow the building Jase built from their business all the way home, puts a fence up and keeps the goats in there.
duck-dynasty-jase-office-has-to-go duck-dynasty-jase-office-has-to-go-2 duck-dynasty-jase-office-now-a-goat-pen-2 duck-dynasty-jase-office-now-a-goat-pen

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