Duck Dynasty The Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business while staying true to their family values

  • The Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream as they operate a thriving business
    while staying true to their family values and lifestyle.

    uncle si from duck dynasty

A great episode ran again today, where Jase is CEO for the day, as Willie tries to teach him a lesson. Jase thinks being CEO is an easy job and requires no work, and not many responsibilities. Willie and Phil spend some extra time making part of their land into a football field for the whole family to use.
jase-is-ceo-first-staff-meeting-duck-dynasty jase-is-ceo-of-duck-commander-duck-dynasty willie-has-jase-be-ceo-for-the-day-duck-dynasty jase-is-wearing-willies-coat-as-ceo-duck-dynasty jase-and-si-lost-making-a-delivery-duck-dynasty

We saw again the show where Willie takes a 10,000 duck call order from a customer. He is asked about automation in the shop, and decides to talk synergy with the boys. Jase and the others talk about ways to speed things up and think a conveyor belt is needed. The build a belt system driven by a car, and it really doesn’t end well or speed things up when Willie catches them.
jase-makes-conveyor-belt-duck-dynasty jase-and-godwin-test-conveyor-belt-duck-dynasty car-powering-conveyor-belt-duck-dynasty jase-builds-conveyor-belt-system-duck-dynasty jase-finishes-conveyor-belt-duck-dynasty

Looks like we are going to see the show where Willie takes his employees out to a trust and challenge course for some team building. Uncle Si is up first on the trust challenge, where he falls back and trusts the boys to catch him.
willie-and-employees-on-retreat-duck-dynasty willie-and-employees-at-trust-challenge-duck-dynasty willie-leading-trust-challenge-duck-dynasty si-falling-and-trusting-the-boys-duck-dynasty si-trying-to-understand-trust-challenge-duck-dynasty

Coming up is the show celebrating 40 years of business for Duck Commander. Willie and Jase are locating some trees that will be the wood for building the “World’s Largest Duck Call”. Looks like Jase is hitting just about every tree in the creek while trying to move that boat around.
duck-dynasty-willie-in-the-water-for-a-tree-for-worlds-largest-duck-call duck-dynasty-jase-and-willie-getting-a-tree-for-worlds-largest-duck-call-2 duck-dynasty-jase-and-willie-getting-a-tree-for-worlds-largest-duck-call

Phil, Jase and Jep had plans to go hunting, but Miss Kay needed help with the Christmas lights. She offered them Sweat Potato pie in exchange for hanging up the Christmas lights around the house. Jase and the boys were breaking quite a few lights in tossing them around, but finally got them up. The wives were checking on their progress and didn’t seem to have much faith. In the end Jase lite up everything, including Willie’s truck.
miss-kay-decorating-at-christmas-duck-dynasty miss-kay-making-sweet-potato-pie-duck-dynasty jase-on-the-roof-putting-christmas-lights-up-duck-dynasty missy-and-jessica-checking-on-boys-hanging-lights-duck-dynasty missy-and-jessica-checking-on-boys-hanging-lights-duck-dynasty-2 jase-decorated-willies-truck-duck-dynasty

Miss Kay was making a purducken, a Squirrel in a Duck, in a Pig. Not sure how this would taste, but she had no problem showing the kids the animals before cooking and explaining how it all went together. She also puts out a lot of decorations in her house and ends up going to a Christmas tree lot to pick out a tree. She tried to find a tree on their land, but couldn’t find the right one.
miss-kay-making-purducken-duck-dynasty si-and-willie-speaking-to-kids-duck-dynasty miss-kay-cannot-find-a-tree-duck-dynasty si-as-crazy-elf-pouring-ice-tea-duck-dynasty miss-kay-finds-a-tree-duck-dynasty willie-decorating-the-tree-duck-dynasty

Korie and Missy are decorating the warehouse for the Christmas holiday, they also need some help at their local church. Korie signs up Willie to play Santa for the kids and get Si to be his helper Elf. Jase and the boys gets sidetracked from hunting to help Miss Kay decorate, all for some sweet potato pie.

korie-and-missy-decorating-the-warehouse-duck-dynasty duck-dynasty-christmas-korie-decorating duck-dynasty-christmas-korie-decorating-the-warehouse willie-and-si-at-church-duck-dynasty willie-at-santa-for-kids-at-church-duck-dynasty

Willie is trying to get some Duck Commander to be a sponsor on Clint Bowyer’s, nascar driver, race car. The boys at the shop get a visit from Clint, in his camo limo and they head out to eat. Later that day, Willie shows up to meet Clint at a drag strip in his own camo limo. Clint challenges Willie to a race, if Willie loses he gets rid of his camo limo.
clint-bowyer-camo-limo-duck-dynasty clint-bowyer-camo-limo-duck-dynasty=2 clint-bowyer-doing-burnouts-in-limo-duck-dynasty clint-bowyer-going-to-bbq-in-the-camo-limo-duck-dynasty

30 Nov 2012

Phil and Si Fixing an Old Bar-B-Que

In: Food, Phil, Si

Phil and Si try to fix an old bbq on the Robertson property. Miss Kay talks about how old it is and that she has a warranty on it, and to return it to the store. Phil trusts Si to tie it down in the back of the truck. They go to return the grill to the store, and somewhere along the route it falls out!
phil-and-si-fixing-bar-b-que phil-trading-bbq-for-banana-pudding phil-returning-the-bbq-grill-duck-dynasty si-did-not-tie-grill-down-fell-out-of-truck-duck-dynasty

They recover the bbq on the side of the road, and use what’s left to convert it from propane to simply a charcoal grill. It works, they grill up some ribs and everyone is happy-happy.
phil-has-ribs-on-the-bbq-duck-dynasty made-the-grill-a-charcoal-cooker-duck-dynasty

Phil, Miss Kay and Jessica try to sell Boudan to some kids, who think the truck is ice cream truck. Phil explains that boudan is hog guts, and can’t get the kids to try it. Great sales slogan for eating is “skinny kids in the front, fat ones in the back”.

phil-selling-boudan-to-yuppie-kids-duck-dynasty phil-talking-to-the-boys-about-listening-to-miss-kay-duck-dynasty

Miss Kay does deliver some boudan to the warehouse and mediates the strike between Willie and Jase.

jase-si-on-strike-at-duck-commander-duck-dynasty miss-kay-fixed-the-strike-jase-and-willie-duck-dynasty jessica-with-miss-kay-cooking-shirt-duck-dynasty-2 si-complaining-about-uniforms-duck-dynasty

willie and korie playing football duck dynasty
jessica from duck dynasty